To celebrate the memory of a loved one with dignity.

Inspired by the refined elegance of Italian porcelain, PRECIOUS SOUVENIR medallions, plaques and frames preserve the bond between you and your loved one, perpetuating his or her memory in a unique, personalized and positive way.


These exceptional objects can personalize an urn, columbarium niche or monument by creating a warm and comforting atmosphere at the place of remembrance. A unique depiction that you can keep at home or bequeath to your family to celebrate the life and preserve the memory of your loved one.

Our Mission and Values


PRECIOUS SOUVENIR’s mission is to perpetuate the memory of our North American clients’ loved ones with dignity.


That’s why we use the very finest porcelain,manufacturing and reproduction processes to imbue all our products with distinctive resistance and longevity. All our PRECIOUS SOUVENIR products carry a lifetime guarantee.


We also take a deeply human and holistic approach when it comes to our customers. Our business relies on dedicated employees, distributors and partners who fully share our corporate values.


PRECIOUS SOUVENIR distinguishes itself from the industry through its actions, which are governed by FOUR CORE VALUES. These values are known and shared by our employees and distributors.


Understanding our customers, empathizing with their needs and readily meeting their expectations. This core value is reflected in the precision work we do every day at our company, for each of the deceased persons and their families.


Creating a work environment supported by respect and honesty towards all of our clients, employees and business partners. This key value is directly associated with the satisfaction felt by these individuals.


Making a mark every day in our industry through exceptional service, an openly positive attitude, healthy and transparent business relationships and the implementation of well thought-out actions that encourage the company’s growth and sustainability.


Innovating in an insightful way. Wisely forecasting current and projected trends in our business sector and participating actively in the development and marketing of new products in our clients’ and company’s best interest.


The Bussière family, master stonemasons

Since Amédée Bussière began sculpting granite from the mountains of the Estrie region in 1911, the Bussière name has been a guarantee of craftsmanship and quality. From its modest beginnings, the family business has grown with each new generation. This passion for stonework has been passed down from father to sons, sons to grandsons, and grandsons to great-grandsons.

Éric Bussière, creator of memories

Inspired by the achievements of the past and guided by cutting-edge knowledge, Éric Bussière and his team continue to place paramount importance on the quality of their work. Each day, they produce new memories. This attention to detail is what made us think of embedding photos of loved ones in one of the most beautiful porcelains in the world, guaranteeing a product of excellence that will retain its beauty for generations to come.


A timeless and lasting souvenir

The state-of-the-art techniques used by PRECIOUS SOUVENIR make its medallions, plaques and frames permanent collector’s items that will retain their beauty for generations to come.

A skillful blend of expertise and innovation

Our love of stone fuels our constant desire to exceed our standards of excellence. We are always looking for new ways to honor the dearly departed.

A client-centred approach

Evoking the memory of a loved one is a great honour for us. We work, humbly and responsibly, to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied and that we have met their expectations.

A simple approval process

Our production process is simple to understand and easy to use, thanks to our accessible online ordering tools.

Your special requests

We are always happy to handle special requests. Rest assured in the knowledge that we will do our utmost to fulfill your special orders with the greatest of care.

One of the industry’s best guarantees

All PRECIOUS SOUVENIR products carry a lifetime guarantee for greater peace of mind. PRECIOUS SOUVENIR products are 100% guaranteed against breakage, vandalism and deterioration.

The gift of a souvenir medallion

For each order of a photo on porcelain, the family will also receive a mini-medallion. This simple and intimate object will further preserve the memory of the loved one.